About us

Waitinglist is the registered trademark of Waitinglist SL.

Waitinglist is the registered trademark for Waitinglist SL. We are the first Spanish company to sell rooms over the Internet with a flat tariff. Our company is exclusively dedicated to the sale of hotel rooms at an agreed price of 50 euros (VAT included) for a double room and two people. Thanks to our over 10 years of experience in the world of hotel sales and in the development of reservation programs both nationally and internationally, we can offer our clients the first hotel brands at the most competitive price and with the highest quality of the market.

We book your hotel at no extra costs, we specialize in the sale of hotel rooms and we will be by your side for everything you might need. The use of new technologies leads us to have highly optimized processes allowing us to reduce our costs to the minimum, transferring all those benefits to the consumer. Thanks to our technological developments we offer an optimized sales service that allows us to reduce costs in comparison to traditional sales channels. Everything is targeted towards reaching a single goal: to sell quality rooms at the best price with the service that only the best professionals can offer. We have offices in Madrid where a group of professionals carry out our work to meet your needs. For any questions or suggestions please contact us at atencioncliente@waitinglist.es we will be happy to help you.