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What is Waiting List?

Waiting List is a system for selling hotel reservations for rooms that hotels know would be empty over the weekend, at the last minute and at a reduced price.

The sales format is completely innovative, and the conditions are very different from those of other typical programs, which is why it is essential that the hotels perfectly understand how it functions.

How does Waiting List work?

Once the hotel registers and fills out Waiting List's required information, every Tuesday of the year they will be asked, through a dynamic email, for the number of rooms they would like to offer to the program for Friday and Saturday night. If the hotel chooses to offer rooms to users that are interested in that particular destination, and who have requested offers for that destination, they will receive an e-mail with a link that will show them available hotels in real time and dynamically. The user will be able to book until all of the offered rooms have been taken.

First, the hotel may not have offered any advertised fees or sales through any website, social media platform, etc. lower than 80 euro per night and per double room (Friday and Saturday). If so, our price search system will find it and will simply not include that hotel in the list sent to our users. The hotels must be rated 4 or 5 stars. We do not support hotels with lower ratings since in most cases their prices will be lower than the ones required for Waiting List.

None. The hotel only acquires liability when, after registration, they offer rooms through the system.

Nowhere. The hotel will not appear on our website or in any advertising on the system. The hotel will only be listed when users interested in the destination are registered in the system and receive an email with the hotels available for the weekend at that particular destination. With this measure we hope to work with higher priced vendors without interfering with their sales.

The hotel will charge the price of the hotel directly to the user upon their arrival at reception. As collateral for their reservation, Waiting List will send a valid credit card number, provided by the user at the time of reservation, to the hotel in advance. .

100 euros in total for a room for two nights: Friday and Saturday.

Yes, that is the final price for the user.

If the user does not cancel their reservation through waiting list, or directly through the hotel at least 24 hours prior to the date of arrival, the hotel will charge the first night for each reserved room via the credit card provided to Waiting List at the time of booking.

At the end of each month, Waiting List will email the hotel a list of all users who have stayed there using the system and the hotel will be charged 10% of the amounts charged to the users through direct debit, pre-authorized by the hotel upon registration.

Standard rooms with a double bed or two single beds. The user can indicate their preference on their reservation if the hotel offers both. Waiting List recommends always giving the best available room as this can result in a good review that will attract other customers to the hotel.

The hotels that reserve the most rooms through Waiting List will be featured on the list first, and the counters reset to zero each January. With this measure we try to reward hotels for their loyalty and give them greater visibility when they really need help to sell their rooms due to lack of occupation. .

Waiting List offers users a direct communication channel with the hotel via its platform and will oversee any complaints made as well as any resolutions offered by the hotel.