Terms and Conditions

Waitinglist - General Conditions Users www.waitinglist.es (Waitinglist) is a program or platform through which users contract stays in different hotel establishments. Technical Organization The organization and design of the program www.waitinglist.es has been carried out by WAITINGLIST SL, with CIF number B-83904375, and domiciled in MADRID, Calle de la Abada 2. Incorporated for an indefinite period by means of an authorized document by the Notary of Madrid, Mr. Victor Morales Montoto on February 11, 2004, with number 153 of protocol. Registered in the mercantile registry of Madrid, in volume 19.734, book 0, folio 129, section 8, sheet no. M-347284, Inscription 1ª. Validity The published published rates are valid for the period indicated in each hotel or service establishment. Free service The Waitinglist service is completely free, no supplement is added to the price of the rooms. The client pays their stay directly to the hotel. Reservations The confirmation of the reservation will be communicated through email addressed to the user and through the website itself and will consist of: General information of the reservation. Total price of the accommodation. As it is not the usual rates offered by the hotel establishments included in the Waitinglist system, there are a limited number of rooms, so reservations will always be subject to availability. In any case, the hotel establishment will be obliged to accept all confirmed reservations. Once the reservation is formalized, the confirmation will be sent to the email indicated by the user to WAITINGLIST. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user is NOT required to present this document upon arrival at the hotel, only needing to identify himself with his ID or passport as the holder of the reservation. The services provided to the Users of WAITINGLIST must keep the same standards of quality, equality and transparency as the services provided in relation to the category that the hotel establishment has assigned at each moment and in comparison with the rest of its users. However, WAITINGLIST will not be responsible, in any case, for possible defects in the provision of the aforementioned services. Price In general, the total price of the reservation (50.- €), includes the following concepts: 1.- Accommodation services provided in a double room for one or two people per night, according to availability. All services specified in the reservation confirmation are included, excluding those services included by the accommodation establishment but not detailed in the reservation. In accordance with the usual practice of the sector, the earliest time of entry is after 2:00 pm, and the deadline for departure is 12:00 noon. 2.- Value added tax (VAT) that is levied on said benefit. The concepts mentioned below will be subject to the following limitations: a) Transfers and excursions: In most cities, it is understood as a complementary, additional and independent service to the accommodation. b) The price does not include any service not specified in the confirmation of the reservation. Any type of taxes and fees that apply to services contracted out of the reservation will always be charged to the user who makes the same. c) Regarding the Accommodation Services: Extras such as telephone calls, insurance, laundry services, mini-bar, parking, etc. will not be included. that must be paid directly by the user in the accommodation establishment. d) The local taxes and fees, as well as the extras or additional charges consumed and the services that are not included in the price, will be paid by the User directly to the hotel. e) Third person: Most accommodation establishments will consider booking for a third person as a reservation for an extra bed in a double room. Waitinglist does not reserve this type of beds through its systems, so users should go directly to the hotel. You should check the supplement and / or discount to apply for an extra bed for adults, as well as the availability of it when making the reservation, as it may vary depending on each accommodation establishment. The omission of such confirmation will cause the non-provision of the same, without the right to demand from WAITINGLIST the provision of such service or an equivalent economic amount to replace it. Presentation document WAITINGLIST will confirm to the hotel the reservation made by the user, sending via e-mail a confirmation document where the user's data and the booked reservation will be recorded. The user must be properly identified upon arrival at the hotel, presenting your ID or passport as the holder of the reservation. Reservations for Children The special conditions for children will be agreed by the users with each service provider and will not obey a single criterion, therefore, since each establishment or provider can apply reductions or special conditions, when making the reservation you should consult this point and the establishment will inform you in each case. Regarding the Accommodation Services: special discounts or conditions should always be understood in case the children share a room with 2 adults on a single accommodation basis. COTS: In attention to the limited stock of units that the establishments may possess, in the case of needing this service it must be indicated when making the reservation of this service directly with the hotel. International The "tourist tax" or "tourist tax" that exists as a local tax in some countries must be paid directly by the user in the establishment and / or at the airport. The categories that reflect the accommodation establishments have been provided by the establishments themselves and always obeying the specific regulations that apply in each country. Therefore, a lodging establishment in one country may not be similar in benefits and quality with respect to another one in another country, even if it has the same category. American citizens or residents of the United States who travel to Cuba will be subject to American laws on the US embargo on Cuba and must obtain a license from the American Government to travel to this destination. No reimbursement will be made, nor will there be any responsibility on our part with respect to any type of purchase made by US citizens or US residents. that have not obtained the appropriate licenses. Groups Group, reservation and / or reservations made in the same hotel for a number of rooms exceeding five (5). If you need more than 5 rooms, you must arrange this reservation directly with the hotel under the conditions of a group. Reserve Guarantee All reservations made through the WAITINGLIST program are guaranteed from the moment of your confirmation until 8pm on the day of arrival. In the event that the user does not appear at the hotel on the contracted date, WAITINGLIST is entitled, as a penalty, to cancel the client's subscription to the Waitinglist program. In case the user needs to change the time of arrival at the hotel being this later than the 20 hours established, must inform the hotel directly and if necessary offer the guarantees that this request according to its guarantee policy being this agreement totally alien to Waitinglist. Modifications Except express authorization by WAITINGLIST, the user will not be allowed to reduce the period of stay or the services contracted, nor change the owner of a reservation already made. Any of these changes without the required authorization, will be treated as cancellation of the reservation. Some establishments may change their name or trademark in the course of a short period of time, which can not be interpreted as a change of accommodation establishment or modification of the reservation. Cancellations Regarding the Accommodation Services: In general, cancellation of reservations will not generate cancellation costs. No show at the establishment (No-Show) The non-presentation of the user in the accommodation establishment without prior notice and express authorization of WAITINGLIST, will be treated as a cancellation. Waitinglist in case of repeated this circumstance with a user reserves the right to cancel his subscription to the program. Comments - Classification Waitnglist makes it easy for the client to leave their comment about their stay in order to express and share their opinion about the establishment. Waitinglist may use these comments in a partial or complete manner on our website and on social platforms, newsletters, special offers and other channels owned by Waitinglist. Waitinglist offers different ways to classify your establishments, said ratings are based on different criteria. Exclusion of responsibility The information on accommodation establishments provided through Waitinglist is as close as possible to the indications of the establishment itself. WAITINGLIST is not responsible for the lack of fidelity to the reality of the information provided by its suppliers. Waitinglist provides the information that the accommodation establishment provides about the existence and duration of renovation or renovation works in it. WAITINGLIST will not accept claims for works that were not informed or that extend beyond the communicated date of termination of the same. It will be the responsibility of the user to obtain the necessary documentation at destination, such as visas, identity documents, passports, etc. WAITINGLIST will not be responsible, in any case, for the expenses incurred by the user, for lack of documentation or for lack of the necessary requirements. For all purposes, and as far as land transport is concerned, it will be understood that the user keeps with his luggage and other personal belongings, whatever the part of the vehicle in which they are placed, and that is transported at the risk and expense of the user. . It will be recommended to the users who are present in all the handling of loading and unloading of luggage. In terms of air, rail, maritime or fluvial baggage transport, the General Conditions of the carriers are applicable, with the ticket being the binding document between the aforementioned companies and the passenger. In the event of suffering any damage or loss, the user must present, in the act, the timely claim to the Transportation Company. WAITINGLIST will not be responsible, in any case, for the luggage of the users. Data Protection WAITINGLIST SL is obliged to comply in the development of its activity, with the current regulations in relation to the protection of personal data, undertaking to adopt all the security measures required by said regulations. The personal data provided by users will become part of a file owned by WAITINGLIST SL, in order to maintain and manage your data as a user of the reservation center owned by WAITINGLIST SL, to promote the activities carried out or so that by any means of communication, including electronic mail, messages to the mobile phone or through another means of equivalent electronic communication, send communications related to the purpose described above. WAITINGLIST SL guarantees the adoption of measures for the treatment of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding Organic Law. The user may revoke the consent given and exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data, by writing to WAITINGLIST SL, Calle Abada nº 2 28013 MADRID-ESPAÑA. Legislation and Jurisdiction The application and interpretation of these General Conditions will be governed by current Spanish legislation. In case of discrepancy that may arise in the interpretation or execution of these General Conditions, the parties, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction if they have it, submit to the Jurisdiction and Jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, Spain.